Applebee's Recipes For One And All!

Published: 16th March 2009
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My Applebee's Recipes have made my family very, very excited about mealtimes! They're a lot of fun to make, and they taste virtually identical to what you would actually get at an Applebees restaurant! I'm happy to share a few of them with you!

I actually got them online at as part of an incredible secret restaurant recipe library. I'm talking about hundreds upon hundreds of great recipes!

I Received Amazing Secret "Copycat" Recipes For:

  • Applebee's

  • Red Lobster

  • California Pizza Kitchen

  • Chili's

  • Tony Roma's

  • The Cheesecake Factory

  • Macaroni Grill

  • Outback Steakhouse

  • Olive Garden

  • T.G.I. Friday's

  • The List Goes On and On and On and On....

My family and I love to mix and match our secret restaurant recipes at each meal. We've decided that our favorite lunch so far is the Olive Garden Toscana Soup with Red Lobster Cheese Biscuits. Mmmm!

For dessert we've made both the Chili's Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie and the Applebee's Blondie. Have you ever tried the Blondie? It is absolutely sinful! I'll give you the recipe in just a moment!

My secret restaurant recipe ebooks also include signature drinks, both alcoholic and non. In my Applebee's Recipes, I've got recipes for the following drinks:

  1. Applebee's Bananaberry Freeze

  2. Applebee's Kahlua Mudslide

  3. Applebee's Lemonade

  4. Applebee's Perfect Margarita

  5. Applebee's Applebee-tini and Caramel Appletini

Of course, if you want to make the best margarita that money can buy, look no further than Chili's famous Presidente Margarita... ooh, boy! And guess what... I got that recipe too! This recipe alone was almost worth the small price I paid for the ebooks!

Okay, so even as I'm typing this right now, my daughter Ashley is asking me to make the Applebee's Blondie for after dinner tonight (we're having Chili's lettuce wraps and P.F. Chang's Orange Peel Chicken).

These recipes, including your new Applebee's Recipes are going to make you quite the hit. Even if only in your own home and/or neighborhood, you will make an impression. People will LOVE your cooking. I'm speaking from experience here.

Anyway, thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy your Applebee's Recipes!

I've given you both the Bourbon Street Steak and Blondie Brownie (daughter inspired) recipes. I know you're going to love them.

Or if you'd like to go to my source and download your own massive library of secret restaurant recipes, visit and be amazed... and amazing! People won't be able to tell the difference between the restaurants' meals and yours! It's awesome.

Have a blast, and thanks again for reading.

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